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Vitamix E310
Vitamix E310 Explorian

Vitamix E310

Model #:



1491 watts


48 oz

Price Range:



10.5 lbs

Quick Description

Experience blending excellence with the Vitamix E310 Explorian Series Blender. Its powerful 2 HP motor and ten variable speeds enable precise control for creating anything from smooth purees to hearty soups. The pulse feature adds versatility, while the self-cleaning capability makes cleanup a breeze. Included in the box are the motor base, 48-ounce container, mini-tamper, and a cookbook for culinary inspiration.

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More Details

Elevate your blending game with the Vitamix E310 Explorian Series Blender. Designed to bring culinary precision to your kitchen, this blender boasts a robust 2 HP motor (1491 watts) that effortlessly tackles even the toughest ingredients. Whether you’re crafting silky-smooth purees, hearty soups, or chunky pasta sauces, the ten variable speeds provide unparalleled control over your blends. The pulse feature adds another dimension, allowing you to layer coarse chops over velvety textures, perfect for creating diverse recipes.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual cleaning; with just a drop of dish soap and warm water, the Vitamix E310 cleans itself in 30 to 60 seconds, with no need for disassembly. This blender comes complete with a 48-ounce container, ideal for medium-sized batches, making it a versatile choice for small family meals or gatherings.

In the box, you’ll find not only the powerful motor base and 48-ounce container but also a mini-tamper to assist in blending thick mixtures and a cookbook filled with inspiring recipes. With the Vitamix E310, culinary possibilities are at your fingertips, and it’s your trusted partner in creating delicious, nutritious, and exciting dishes for your loved ones.

What Do Reviewers Say?

According to Amazon reviews

High Praise for Vitamix: Reviewers in the United States express their satisfaction with the Vitamix blender, highlighting its exceptional blending capabilities. They acknowledge that Vitamix products may be expensive, but they consider them the best in terms of blending performance and durability. The reviewers appreciate the blender's simplicity and affordability, with the 48 oz container being suitable for their needs. They emphasize the effectiveness of the 3" blades, which allow for smaller batch sizes. The 2 hp motor matches the smaller container's requirements, and the model choice primarily depends on batch size and preferred features.

Effortless Blending and Cleaning: Users commend the Vitamix E310's efficiency in blending a variety of ingredients, from smoothies to soups and even frozen desserts. They stress the importance of following loading rules for optimal results, ensuring a smooth blend. Cleaning the blender is a breeze, requiring only rinsing and a quick run with warm water and dish soap. Reviewers appreciate the non-razor-sharp blades and the ease of container cleaning.

Versatile and User-Friendly: Customers find the Vitamix E310 to be versatile and user-friendly. They appreciate its simplicity, featuring basic controls like a pulse button, speed settings, and on/off functionality. The narrow bottom of the container is seen as an advantage, and users mention the option to purchase a larger container if necessary. Reviewers also highlight the blender's power and efficiency, especially when making smoothies and powdered ingredients.

An Investment in Quality: A reviewer shares their positive experience with the Vitamix E310, emphasizing its value as a long-term investment in quality. They note that the blender's larger base accommodates a more powerful motor, resulting in smoother and better-blended smoothies. The reviewer also highlights the blender's versatility beyond smoothies, such as making powdered sugar and grinding cookies for baking. Cleaning is made easy, and the Vitamix's durability is evident in its design and performance.

Game-Changer for Smoothies: Another customer emphasizes how the Vitamix E310 revolutionized their smoothie-making routine. They compare it to their previous blender and note that the Vitamix effortlessly blends all ingredients, eliminating chunks and ensuring a smooth result. The reviewer appreciates the blender's larger motor and efficient blending process. They also find the cleaning process straightforward, whether by rinsing or using the dishwasher.

The Ultimate Blender: Reviewers declare the Vitamix E310 as the ultimate blender. Its simplicity, affordability, and blending power make it a top choice. The 48 oz container suits their needs perfectly, and the 3" blades efficiently handle various ingredients. The blender's 2 hp motor matches the container's requirements, making it a versatile and efficient option. Reviewers find it easy to use, easy to clean, and a valuable addition to their daily routines.