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This site contains affiliate links for which I may receive compensation. As an eBay Partner and an Amazon Associate, I may be compensated if you make a purchase through my affiliate links.

Transparency and Integrity

In compliance with the EPN Network Agreement, Amazon Associates Program, and global regulatory requirements, I am committed to maintaining transparency with my audience. This means disclosing any compensation received for promoting products and services, including payments, commissions, or free products.

Placement of Disclosure

To ensure you, the consumer, are fully informed, affiliate disclosures are placed as close to the promotional content, advertisements, logos, and links as possible. This placement is to ensure you do not have to search for the disclosure; it should be easily visible and unavoidable. Disclosures will not be hidden in the footer or in linked pages like “Terms of Use” or “Legal.” They will be clearly displayed in proximity to the affiliate content.

Social Media and Video Content

For all social media posts, disclosures will be made using #ad or #sponsored to clearly indicate the promotional nature of the content. For video ads, the disclosure will be embedded within the video, appearing in text that is easily noticed, read, and understood, alongside audio that is easy to follow.

Global Compliance

Regardless of my location or the location of my audience, these disclosures are made in compliance with global regulatory standards, ensuring transparent marketing practices. This commitment is upheld across all platforms, including mobile apps, websites, blogs, social media, podcasts, and any other media formats where promotional content may appear.

FTC Guidelines for U.S. Partners

As per the FTC guidelines, all U.S.-based partners or those conducting business in the U.S. must disclose affiliate relationships clearly and conspicuously. This applies to various formats, including but not limited to mobile apps, websites, social media, and any media containing affiliate links.